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APIs and chatbots, a helping hand to enrich your business

APIs and chatbots, a helping hand to enrich your business

Chatbots popularity is showing no signs of decline. Improvements in artificial intelligence, the vast quantities of data accessible via the Internet and the support of technology giants of the likes of Facebook and Google all combined to create the ideal conditions for their boom.

By 2020, it is expected that 80% of brands will use chatbots in their interaction with their customers according to Oracle. At least one out of every three brands claim that – where possible – their customers prefer to complete a purchase or a service without speaking to a person according to the Oracle report. Chatbots are expected to grow exponentially and it is estimated that the market size will reach 994.5 million dollars in 2024, according to Statista.

APIs, the great allies of chatbots

The growth of chatbots cannot be understood without APIs, which simplify processes and generate synergies between apps.

APIs are the great enablers of the boom in chatbots, as they can streamline their development and leverage technologies implemented by third parties, without the need to build a bot from scratch. What's more, they allow chatbots to be integrated into different channels in order to reach a broader public.