Product Engineering

Driving Constant Innovation for Enterprises

Our Products

Armed with leading-edge technology stack and supported by ongoing R&D, we are ready to effectively tackle your business challenges. Our products aid collaboration between teams, streamline operations, increase productivity, are future ready and can be customized to your unique needs & wants

Order-to-cash platform

Our Enterprise Order Management helps streamline your business operation through advanced workflow automation and end-to-end order fulfilment capabilities

Team Collaboration Platform

Explore the real-time and innovative approach to monitor employee’s hours logged and location information for an effective employee management


Application to help your businesses rise above operational challenges and remove the impediments in order to achieve greater sales and customer satisfaction

Virtual School

Our simple & intuitive virtual school platform has redefined the education system and access by enabling many students to access free education through our online collaborative platform

Enabling your future today

  • BI Enabled Reports

    Understand the data that drives your business and make informed business decisions from anywhere

  • One Tap Action

    Manage your mission-critical information and view exhaustive drill-downs with a single click

  • Mobile Ready

    Our products are built and customized for mobile and are accessible on native iOS and Android

  • Configurable

    Built-in integrations with a range of third-party apps will keep your business seamlessly connected


" Bringing the Cloud to the Edge "

Unlock the true potential of cloud through powerful, delightful and resilient applications. Different choices of cloud computing technologies and platforms address specific use cases and needs. Whether you are building a cloud-native application from the ground up or migrating the current applications to cloud platforms, Goalsr is here to help you integrate cloud engineering competency across a wide range of proven cloud technologies and domains to help you design, develop, integrate and launch all applications.

Transform your business today

We enable you in the market

Explore our cutting edge engineering solutions. We are here to help you with your digital transformation journey.
Gain access to a unique set of tools to efficiently connect marketing and revenue

Market Analysis

Our expert pre-sales team performs an exhaustive analysis to identify gaps & validate the potential

Demo Packages

Our Digital Marketing team ensures readiness for Go To Market with a demo build, flyers, banners & websites

Product Roadmap

Our Product Leadership team will co-strategize with you for product readiness & subsequent release

Go-live strategy

We enable your product Go-Live from the launch to trainings, beta roll outs & continuing production support


Sales pipeline

Our expert lead generation team will empower the reach in global markets through organic research & communication