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Are your security investments delivering the results?

Are your security investments delivering the results?

Technological advancements are making cybersecurity tools faster and more effective than ever, but most of the Organizations may not be maximizing their investments.

Today, CISO’s job is getting harder and harder. There is an ever-increasing number of threat actors, attack vectors and malicious tools to worry about, and now more than 2,000 cybersecurity vendors offering a dizzying range of services and solutions.

Following a security incident, more than 80% of the recommendations we make to organizations focus on security fundamentals. Every CISO understands the importance of good cyber hygiene, but why are so few companies practising strong habits?

It can be hard, thankless work. User account management, multi-factor authentication, disabling unused protocols, guaranteeing executives take cybersecurity training: the checklist of elements that constitute effective cyber hygiene is long and arduous. There is no single tool to manage them all, no program with a unique UI that gives you access to everything. But the fundamentals are still typically the number one issue we identify most companies need to assess, address and eliminate.

If cyber hygiene isn't addressed, then an organization can't effectively utilize expensive advanced security tools.